MarketVectors roundtable: Crypto ETPs and innovation in the digital asset indexing space

Recent regulatory wins paint a brighter picture for crypto ETPs in Europe. With this momentum, will crypto indices continue to see single token domination, or will investors begin to look to more nascent basket indices?

Lauren Gibbons

MarketVectors Roudtable image

Crypto has been stealing the headlines so far in 2024, most recently after the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) paved the way for crypto exchange-traded product (ETP) listings in the UK for the first time.

With widening interest among professional investors looking to diversify their portfolios, questions are being asked about the future of this alternative asset in Europe and what innovations will be born out of increasing adoption.

Crypto indices present a particularly intriguing discussion. As single-token indices continue to dominate the market, multi-token benchmarks start to emerge as an interesting alternative for investors looking to ensure diversification and avoid overweighting.

As a result, this roundtable, in partnership with MarketVector Indexes, assessed the growth of crypto ETPs in Europe, questions surrounding building and weighing a crypto index, regulatory developments and highlighting education as a key instrument to wider adoption across Europe.


  • Martin Leinweber, digital asset product strategist, MarketVector Indexes

  • Bradley Duke, founder and chief strategy officer, ETC Group

  • Bruno Ramos de Sousa, head of US and Europe, Hashdex

  • Aaron Renkers, head of investments, VanEck Europe

  • James Butterfill, head of research, CoinShares

  • Mandy Chiu, head of financial product development, 21Shares

  • Chair: Jamie Gordon, senior features reporter, ETF Stream

This article first appeared in ETF Insider, ETF Stream's monthly ETF magazine for professional investors in Europe. To read the full article, click here.


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