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More cash ETFs for Australia

David Tuckwell

A daily roundup of ETF listings from around the world.

VanEck has launched a new cash ETF in Australia, adding to a lengthening list of Aussie issuers providing cash ETFs. The VanEck Vectors Australian Floating Rate ETF (FLOT), invests in Aussie floating rate bonds with the aim of tracking the Bloomberg AusBond Credit FRN 0+ Yr Index. The index includes bonds issued by the "big four" Australian banks, as well as other major corporates.

Samsung has launched three new factor ETFs into South Korea, targeting momentum, (275280) value (275290) and quality (275300). The ETFs target each factor separately, tracking indices put together by MSCI. The funds are denominated in won.

ProShares has listed a new ETF, battle-ready for higher rates. The ProShares Equities for Rising Rates ETF (EQRR) holds securities from 50 companies whose "stock prices historically have tended to outperform the Universe during periods of rising interest rates," the prospectus says. The companies chosen, have tended to underperform during periods of low interest rates

American issuer Direxion has launched a new leveraged ETN for equity bulls. The Direxion Daily EURO STOXX 50 (TR) Bear 3X Shares (EUXL) magnifies the performance of the Euro Stoxx 50, the European blue-chip index. Like most leveraged ETNs, the exposure offered in synthetic.

Horizons has listed a new covered call (buy-write) ETF, giving exposure to the small-cap Russell 2000. Rather than having an investor buy or write call options, as often happens with actively managed funds, The Horizons Russell 2000 Covered Call ETF tracks an index with an inbuilt one-month covered-call strategy.

Invesco has cross-listed the PowerShares S&P 500 QVM UCITS ETF into Germany. QVMP is a multi-factor ETF that scores stocks from the S&P 500 for quality, value, and momentum and picks the best performers. The ETF is listed in USD.


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