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MSCI launches innovation-focused index range

George Geddes

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MSCI has launched five indices focusing on disruptive innovation as part of its megatrend index range.

The recently launched indices track the performance of companies in dynamic fields including autonomous technologies, genomics, fintech and next-generation internet.

The Autonomous Technology & Industrial Innovation index is comprised of companies that derive significant revenue from developing products and services as a result of technological innovation in industries including industrial automation, transportation and energy usage.

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The MSCI ACWI IMI Genomic Innovation index includes companies that produce products and services in the field of genomic sequencing, synthesis, biocomputing, bioinformatics and agricultural biotechnology.

The MSCI ACWI IMI Next Generation Internet Innovation index focuses on companies that enable the migration of cloud technology as well as increase the adoption of internet-based products, new payment methods, big data and social media.

MSCI ACWI IMI Fintech Innovation index is comprised of companies that produce products and services that have resulted in technological innovation in the financial sector.

The MSCI ACWI IMI Innovation index includes companies from the four previously mentioned indices offering a more diversified and rules-based index.

MSCI collaborated with ARK Investment Management for the launch of the five-strong range of indices. ARK Invest offers its expertise in disruptive innovation with its data analysis and insights.

Cathie Wood, CEO and CIO at ARK Invest, said: “We believe artificial intelligence, robotics, energy storage, DNA sequencing, and blockchain technology are game changing innovations that will transform the way the world works during the next five to ten years.”

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