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MSCI to proceed with semi-annual index review as planned

Tom Eckett

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MSCI is planning to continue with its semi-annual index review (SAIR) as scheduled which is set to take place next month.

The index provider added it will consider postponing or cancelling the review if warranted by extreme market conditions.

MSCI will announce the results of May’s SAIR between 12 and 19 May with the implementation effective 1 June.

The firm considers three areas of potential impact that will be monitored over the next few weeks; market functioning, market liquidity and data availability.

MSCI said the current impact of markets closing is not significant enough to warrant a delay to the review.

While Bangladesh, Jordan, Palestine and Sri Lanka closed their stock exchanges, the majority of global equity markets have functioned “normally”, according to MSCI.

Furthermore, the index provider added liquidity conditions across global markets were sufficient enough for implementing SAIR.

For data availability, MSCI said this pillar had not been significantly affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

However, the index provider has delayed the reclassification of Kuwait to emerging market indices until the SAIR in November this year due to the volatility.

MSCI added Kuwait, which was upgraded to emerging market status last June, continues to meet the classification requirements.

Why index providers were right to postpone rebalances

MSCI’s decision comes weeks after a number of major index providers including S&P Dow Jones Indices, FTSE Russell and Nasdaq, postponed their rebalances.

The moves were questioned by some parts of the industry with some concerned around the lack of details provided while others suggested this is an area regulators should be looking at.

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