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New actively managed bank ETF in Canada

David Tuckwell

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Hamilton Capital will be listing a US dollar version of its actively managed bank-tracking ETF in Canada (HBG/U). Like its CAD-denominated counterpart, HBG/U will be made up of equity in banks and other deposit taking institutions from around the world. HGB/U is expected to hold stocks from 40 to 60 banks. Around 50% of banks chosen will be from North America, 25% from Europe, and 25% from elsewhere.

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There are now more indexes than stocks.

Assets stored in ETFs have grown 17-fold since 2003, meaning that the number of indexes has grown as well as the number of ETFs. In fact, there are now more indexes than there are stocks in the US. There are 5,000 indexes but only 3,600 stocks on US exchanges.

Vanguard changes gov't bond indexes

Index changes don't happen too often. But Vanguard is changing three of its government bond indexes to pure treasury indexes. They are: Vanguard Short-Term Government Bond Index Fund (VGSH), Vanguard Intermediate-Term Government Bond Index Fund (VGIT), and Vanguard Long-Term Government Bond Index Fund (VGLT).

Trump is great for gold

US political turmoil is great for gold ETPs; it always has been. While gold levels are currently holding steady, if the North Korea drama escalates or if Trump does anything more … interesting … the gold price could easily surge, with obvious consequences for gold ETFs.

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