Industry Updates

New commodities from ETF Securities; Koomkin spies Korean dividends

David Tuckwell

ETF Securities

has listed a new commodities ETF in London, the ETFS Longer Dated All Commodities Ex-Agriculture and Livestock GO UCITS ETF (XAGS). XAGS provides exposure to a basket of 11 commodities, made up mostly of metals, oil and gas. The index XAGS tracks, the Bloomberg ex-Agriculture & Livestock 15/30 Capped 3 Month Forward Index, rolls its futures contracts every three months and has a diversity rule capping commodities at 30% each.

Korean banking major Kookmin Bank has listed a new ETF in South Korea, the KB KBStar KQ High Dividend ETF (270800). The ETF tracks the 'FnGuide KQ High Dividend Focus Index', which is composed of mid and large cap Korean companies that have big dividend payouts. The index is put together by a Korean credit data company FnGuide.


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