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Omnis Investments to include ETFs in new MPS

Each portfolio has a 30% allocation to ETFs

Lauren Gibbons

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UK-based asset manager Omnis Investments has launched a managed portfolio service (MPS) of four portfolios, each with a 30% allocation to ETFs.

The MPS range – Omnis Agility – will incorporate a blend of in-house active funds and ETFs that primarily invest in equities and fixed income.

The ETFs are selected based on the size, cost, how closely the ETF returns track the market and manger reputation.

The firm said ETFs provide “greater flexibility” and “access to a wider set of opportunities”, especially when looking to take advantage of tactical asset allocation opportunities.

Andrew Summers, CIO at Omnis Investments, said: “We strongly believe in the ability of active investing to generate superior returns over the medium and longer term.

“By adding an additional layer of active management to the funds, by tactically using ETFs to implement specific investment views with precision, we aim to further enhance long term performance in an efficient and cost-effective way.”

Investors continue to pivot towards ETFs as they take advantage of the wrapper’s flexibility and transparency benefits.

According to Brown Brothers Harriman’s 2024 Global ETF survey, 74% of European investors plan to increase their use of ETFs over the next 12 months.

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