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Qontigo expands thematic offering with double launch

George Geddes

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Qontigo has expanded its thematic offering with the launch of a video gaming index and a healthcare index.

The STOXX Video Gaming & eSports index and the Health & Weight Loss index offer investors exposure to structural and global economic growth trends determined by Qontigo.

The STOXX Health & Weight Loss index includes companies that aim to tackle obesity and those that look to benefit from the increasing adoption of healthier lifestyles among millennials.

The STOXX Video Gaming & eSports index comprises of companies that stand to benefit from the continuously growing trend of video gaming and eSports as millennials drive the growing demand for online and competitive gaming.

The indices select their constituents from their parent index, the STOXX Developed and Emerging Markets Total Market index, that have substantial revenue from their respective industries.

How disruptive are the indexing disruptors?

Both indices also exclude companies that Sustainalytics considers to be non-compliant with the Global Standard Screening or are involved with controversial weapons following an increase in demand from investors seeking more sustainable strategies.

Stephan Flaegel, global head of indices and benchmarks at Qontigo, said: “Thematic investing aims to capture the momentum of disruptive megatrends that fall into the categories of demographics, climate change and technology.”

Qontigo launched its range of factor indices in January as well as a self-indexing platform in December 2019.

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