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Race, gender and corporate boards - News Roundup

David Tuckwell

Diversity and passive managers

Investors, including passive managers, are putting more pressure on corporate boards to add women to their ranks. But they aren't putting as much pressure on boards to add more ethnic minorities. This should change, but screening candidates for race is not as easy as screening for gender.

Tech ETFs the small cap exception

US small cap ETFs have been overpriced and underperforming this year. But there is one exception: small cap tech ETFs, which are up over 10% YTD. Why? Cloud computing is part of the answer. But the main reason is fairly simple: the internet is getting used more and more.

From multi-asset to multi-strategy

A new multi-strategy bond fund is being set up by Columbia Threadneedle. Rather than tracking a single bond index, the fund will track several bond indexes and adjust its weights from month to month. The fund will rebalance every month.


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