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Raisin tops €1bn invested in ETFs amid lockdown boost

Signals rising retail investor demand for ETFs, especially in Germany

Aisling Finn

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Wealth management fintech firm Raisin has seen over €1bn invested in ETFs since launching its ETF broker platform in 2018, with its German investment division growing by 35% since the start of 2021.

Raisin initially launched the platform in partnership with Vanguard and, in April of the year, the fintech launched the Raisin Invest ETF Configurator, the first ‘hybrid' robo-adviser on the German market.

It gives customers access to over 200 ETFs and index funds from the likes of Amundi, BlackRock, Lyxor and Vanguard, allowing them to pick and choose off-the-shelf ETFs.

“The success of Raisin’s investment business proves that the company has more to offer beyond competitive deposits,” Kim Felix Fomm, chief investment officer at Raisin, said. 

“The excellent performance of our robo-adviser confirms that our simple, passive approach works – with high cost-efficiency. More and more people, including an increasing number of women and younger people, are using our investment products for long-term wealth accumulation, financial security, and retirement planning.”

Fomm added that there is no age pattern of customers choosing to invest in ETFs, “our customers range in age from 18 to 96”.

The fintech’s German customers can access savings, investment and pension products on Raisin’s platform with just one registration, with no current plans to bring the ETF Configurator over to the UK just yet.

The significant increase in assets highlights the soaring retail investor demand for ETFs, especially in Germany.

As well as surpassing €1bn invested in ETFs through its platform, Raisin’s deposit marketplace has also now placed €35bn for 350,000 customers at over 100 partner banks across Europe.

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