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SocGen targets sophisticated investors in the UK with ETP tsunami

Scott Longley

Societe Generale (Socgen) has launched a new range of exchange traded products (ETPs) into the UK, listing 74 products on the London Stock Exchange in one go and offering exposure to equities, commodities and currencies.

The company said the launch is one of the largest issues seen in the leveraged ETP space in the UK. The new launches cover all four of the world's most prominent indices as well as hard commodities and currencies.

The leveraged nature of the products will mean investors can take long or short positions and leverage returns between two- and five-times on a day-by-day basis.

The company said the products were developed as part of its strategy to diversify its broadly-based offering of investment solutions and meet growing investor demand for liquid products with a broad choice of leverage. They are aimed at sophisticated investors.

"With over £2.8bn traded over the LSE last year, leveraged ETP's are a popular way to gain leverage to a wide range of popular underlayers," said Zak de Mariveles, managing director and head of UK IFA sales.

"By broadening our offering in the UK, we look forward to provide sophisticated retail and professional investors that seek to gain leverage within their portfolios with an even greater choice and flexibility."


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