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Solactive: Guten Tag Hong Kong

George Geddes

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Frankfurt-based index provider Solactive has announced the opening of its new offices in Hong Kong.

ETF Stream spoke with Timo Pfeiffer, head of research at Solactive, back in May where he mentioned "there is more to come in Asia". This followed the company's significant growth, opening its Toronto-based offices in January.

Hong Kong was decided as the next location to enable the company to expand its audience. Now located in three continents, Solactive's services are available in all time zones.

Operating in Toronto, Hong Kong and Germany, Solactive aims to establish long term relationships with its current clients whilst building the firm's profile within the Asia-Pacific region.

Steffen Scheuble, CEO at Solactive, said in the announcement: "This is an exciting time for Solactive. The opening of our new entity in Hong Kong marks a huge milestone for the company since we are now able to provide 24-hours-service for our clients, making us one of the few globally operating index providers with a multi-asset offering."

In the last 2 years, Solactive has also expanded within Germany, opening offices in Berlin and Dresden. This is to develop its data mining and AI technology to keep one step ahead of the game.


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