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Solactive launches emerging market gender equality index

Equileap's gender diversity score consists of 19 metrics

Lauren Gibbons

Gender equality

Solactive has partnered with specialist ESG data provider Equileap to launch a gender equality index targeting emerging markets.

The Solactive Equileap Emerging Markets Gender Equality index offers exposure to 610 emerging market equities that align with gender equality criteria defined by Equileap.

The index’s highest weighting is Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (12.6%), followed by Samsung (7%) and Tencent (5.8%).

Regionally, the index’s top three highest weightings are Taiwan (24.9%), South Korea (17.7%) and India (16.6%).

Rebalanced quarterly, constituents are excluded based on Equileap's gender diversity score.

This is calculated based on 19 criteria across three categories which include gender balance in leadership and workforce, alongside equal compensation, work-life balance policies and promoting gender equality.

The launch adds to Solactive’s 26-strong range of gender diversity indices in collaboration with Equileap.

Currently, there are two UCITS ETFs that track Solactive and Equileap’s gender equality indices, the $62m Lyxor Global Gender Equality UCITS ETF (ELLE) and the UBS ETF Global Gender Equality UCITS ETF (GENDER).

ELLE tracks the Solactive Equileap Global Gender Equality Net Total Return index and GENDER tracks the Solactive Equileap Global Gender Equality 100 Leaders Net Total Return index.

ELLE has returned 4.2% this year while GENDER is up 3.5%, as at 23 April.

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