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Style Analytics launches ESG factor simulation tool

George Geddes

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Market analytics tool provider Style Analytics has partnered with Sustainalytics to expand its data offering with the launch of an environmental, social and governance (ESG) factor simulation tool.

The ESG tool enables Style Analytics’ clients to optimise the impact of ESG within their portfolios. It supports ESG guideline monitoring, portfolio-level ESG risk analysis, ESG forecasting analysis and identifies securities within sustainable industries and flags those that are not.

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The factor tool also adds support to Style Analytics’ Style Skyline which provides traditional equity factor analysis alongside ESG factor exposure.

Furthermore, Style Analytics’ portfolio peer-group product Peer Insight is also incorporating the ESG data to compare a portfolio with a custom peer group and with specific funds using an ESG perspective.

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Bob Mann, president and chief operating officer at Sustainalytics, commented: “We are delighted to work with Style Analytics to help bring more in-depth ESG analysis to the market.

“With our data integrated into Style Analytics’ range of products and services, investors now have access to a rich set of ESG information to support their portfolio analysis and monitoring activities.”

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