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Tabula embarks on Swiss ETF market

George Geddes

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European fixed income ETF specialist Tabula has entered the Swiss market, listing five fixed income ETFs on the BX Swiss.

The listed ETFs include:

TECC and TECS are comprised of corporate credit with the latter offering short exposure, hedging against credit risk.

TCEP and TCED offer exposure to primarily investment grade European credit but with TCEP being the accumulating share class and TCED being distributing.

Finally, TVOL looks to capture the difference between realised and implied volatility in the credit default swap index options markets.

Following the authorisation by Swiss financial regulator FINMA, two regional managers have been appointed to cover the French and German speaking regions of Switzerland.

Michael John Lytle, CEO of Tabula, said in a statement: “Through ETFs, we are focused on delivering a wide range of fixed income factors that were previously only available to sophisticated investors.

“As investor appetite grows, we believe there is a real need for a comprehensive range of fixed income tools that help manage investor exposure and express their market views.”

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