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Timothy Plan launches Christian ETF

George Geddes

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A popular investment theme in recent months is socially responsible investing (SRI) which is the method of screening and selecting ‘green’ and eco-friendly companies only, but this recent launch focuses on biblical responsible investing.

US-based mutual fund company Timothy Plan has launched an ETF which screens out companies which do not comply with the company’s Christian values.

The Timothy Plan US Large Cap Core ETF (TPLC) tracks the Nasdaq Victory US Large Cap Volatility Weighted BRI index. Like most SRI-screened ETFs, TPLC removes any companies which are in the tobacco, alcohol, gambling or pornography industries.

Additionally, Timothy Plan excludes companies which do not "affirm the marriage covenant - a bond between a man and a woman" as well as screening companies within the abortion industry and anti-family entertainment.

Arthur Ally, founder of Timothy Plan, says he searched the entire investment industry for a program which complements Christian views, more than just investment products which exclude a few social issues such as tobacco and alcohol.

Timothy Plan’s mission is to launch products which are morally responsible in addition to offering returns and “not investing a penny into a company which violates its screens”.

TPLC will have an annual fee of 0.35%.

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