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VanEck broadens Think scope

Scott Longley

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The first fruits of the completion of VanEck's Think acquisition this summer has come with the registration of 14 previously Netherlands-only funds into other selected European markets.

The funds cover equities, fixed income and other areas and are currently going through the process of becoming registered in Germany, Italy, the UK, Sweden and elsewhere. Until now the funds - which had a joint AUM at acquisition of €1.7bn, were only listed n Euronext in Amsterdam.

"Until now, VanEck has mainly been known in Europe as a pioneer in forward-looking and intelligently designed investment strategies for commodities, emerging market bonds and smart-beta, said Martijn Rozemuller, European head of VanEck and the previous co-founder at Think.

"With the Think ETF integration, we are able to offer investors a broader range of asset classes, sectors and innovative strategies at low cost."

VanEck's European fund range now totals 27 passive and active-managed investment solutions.

Rozemuller said Think's "innovative fee models and alternative weighting methods," including its equal weight or dividend weighting, will "supply a breath of fresh air to the European market."

When ETF Stream spoke to Rozemuller in the summer, at the time of the Van Eck Think relaunch, he said there were commonalities between the Van Eck and Think offerings.

"The mix of products looked really interesting," he said. "We have a range of mostly straightforward basic ETFs - global equity for instance - but what we lacked I think were specific types of exposure that would offer a special story."

As with VanEck ETFs, all 14 Think ETFs are physically replicated and do not have any counterparty risk, as none of the ETFs engage in securities lending. The funds include the Think Sustainable World UCITS ETF, the Think Global Real Estate UCITS ETF and the Think Global Equity UCITS ETF.

ETF Stream will feature a further interview with Rozemuller in the coming weeks.

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