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Vanguard Australia launches investor centre, with zero ETF brokerage

David Tuckwell

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Vanguard has launched an investor website that gives Australians a way to buy its ETFs free of any brokerage fees.

The new site, called the Vanguard Personal Investor, allows investors to buy ETFs, Vanguard’s wholesale funds and ASX-listed shares. Buying ETFs issued by other companies will cost 0.15% brokerage.

The wholesale funds will allow investors in at a $5,000 minimum – down from the $500,000 minimum Vanguard usually requires when investors come direct.

Vanguard will charge a 0.20% platform fee, which will be capped at $600.

At present, there is no way for investors to transfer their existing ETFs and investments over to Vanguard’s platform. Vanguard told ETF Stream they would allow investors to transfer their existing ETFs over to the platform at a later date.

Frank Kolimago (pictured), managing director of Vanguard Australia, commented: "We are launching this new offer to investors during a time when market volatility is high, as the uncertainty of the impacts of the coronavirus continue to roil markets.

"But this challenging period will eventually pass. And Personal Investor will help long term investors to be well positioned to benefit when it does."

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