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WisdomTree expands short and leveraged range with four sector ETPs

Takes WisdomTrees S&L ETPs range to 111 in Europe

Theo Andrew

Pierre Debru, WisdomTree

WisdomTree has launched four short and leveraged exchange-traded products (S&L ETPs) tracking the travel and leisure, oil and gas and automobile sectors.

The WisdomTree STOXX Europe Travel & Leisure 2x Daily Leveraged (2TRV), the WisdomTree STOXX Europe Travel & Leisure 2x Daily Short (2STR), the WisdomTree STOXX Europe Automobiles 2x Daily Leveraged (2CAR) and the WisdomTree STOXX Europe Oil & Gas 2x Daily Short (2OIG) track the corresponding STOXX Europe 600 sector S&L indices.

The S&L ETPs are listed on the London Stock Exchange, Borsa Italiana and Deutsche Boerse with total expense ratios (TER) of between 0.80% and 0.85%.

Pierre Debru (pictured), head of quantitative research and multi-asset solutions for Europe at WisdomTree, said: “Whether investors are looking to magnify daily returns through positive or inverse leverage, taking hedging positions or seeking to deploy more sophisticated strategies, the ability to trade S&L ETPs quickly and efficiently makes them a preferred trading tool.

“The ETPs give investors an even wider suite of products to choose from to express their investment views on the post-COVID-19 economic recovery and the inevitable energy transition megatrend.”

It takes WisdomTree’s short and leverage range in Europe to 111 with $1.8bn assets under management (AUM).

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