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WisdomTree expands thematic ETF range with cybersecurity launch

This is the issuer's four thematic ETF launch

Tom Eckett

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WisdomTree has expanded its thematic ETF range with the launch of a cybersecurity strategy, ETF Stream can reveal.

The WisdomTree Cybersecurity UCITS ETF (WCBR) is listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE), Borsa Italiana and Deutsche Boerse with a total expense ratio (TER) of 0.45%.

Self-indexed, WCBR tracks the WisdomTree Team8 Cybersecurity index which was created in partnership with Team8, a company that creates and invests in new ventures at the intersection of cyber, data, artificial intelligence and fintech.

Physically-replicated, WCBR offers exposure to a basket of cybersecurity companies that are driving key developments and innovations in the industry.

In particular, the key themes include privacy and digital trust, cloud security, shift-left security, smarter security, security of internet devices, perimeter-less world, and resilience and recovery.

WCBR’s weighting mechanism takes into account factors such as a company’s overall involvement in the cybersecurity development themes while also tilted toward companies with higher revenue growth rates.

The index, which also employs an ESG screen, has a big weighting to the US (89.7%) and all companies are classified within the information technology sector.

Chris Gannatti, head of research, Europe, at WisdomTree, commented: “Demand for protection against cyber-threats will increase as industries convert to online trading, more money changes hands electronically, more people do more work remotely, more home devices and previously personal items become connected, and as business and personal data and processing shifts increasingly to the cloud.”

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Alexis Marinof (pictured), head of Europe at WisdomTree, added: “Our approach of developing thematic strategies with third-party sector experts continues to resonate with investors who expect thematic ETFs to be a true reflection of the sector they are seeking to track.”

This is the ETF issuer's fourth thematic ETF having also launched:

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