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WisdomTree launches battery solutions ETF

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WisdomTree has expanded its thematics range with the launch of a battery solutions ETF,

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The WisdomTree Battery Solutions UCITS ETF (CHRG) is listed on the London Stock Exchange with a total expense ratio (TER) of 0.40%.

CHRG tracks the WisdomTree Battery Solutions index which was designed in collaboration with energy storage market experts Wood Mackenzie.

The index tracks the performance of companies involved primarily involved in battery and energy storage solutions (BESS).

To be eligible for inclusion, businesses must be involved in one or more of these BESS categories; raw materials, manufacturing, enablers or emerging technology.

An intensity rating is given to each stock which looks to capture the company's overall BESS involvement across the different companies.

Batteries are a key solution in the energy transformation story especially in the transportation market, where electric vehicles (EVs) need a portable electricity source.

Christopher Gannatti, head of research, Europe, at WisdomTree, commented: "Batteries could play a key role in reducing the climate problem alongside the decarbonisation policies that have already been rolled out."

David Linden, director, energy transition consulting, at Wood Mackenzie, added: "This decade will be key for batteries. As they become cheaper and their deployment accelerates, they will advance the energy transition.

"Our integrated understanding of the constantly evolving battery value chain allows us to identify the sectors best positioned to take advantage of this opportunity"

What is driving the boom in thematic ETF launches?

Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM) currently offer the only other battery technology ETF in Europe, the $60m L&G Battery Value-Chain UCITS ETF (BATT), which launched in January 2018.

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