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Women in ETFs Presidents publish letter on racial inequality

Tom Eckett


Sharon French and Christine Berg, co-presidents of Women in ETFs, have published a letter on racial inequality following widespread Black Lives Matter protests after the killing of George Floyd in May.

French and Berg wrote: “At its core, Women in ETFs was founded to bring individuals together who actively choose – and fearlessly seek to drive – equality, diversity and inclusion.

The recent events related to systemic racism have reminded us of the importance of our mission. We have joined millions around the world who watched these shocking and senseless tragedies unfold and cannot begin to fully comprehend the pain and suffering of those most impacted, both recently and through history. This is not a black issue, it is a human issue.

Women in ETFs unequivocally denounces racism and bias of any kind. We stand together with all those who fight for justice and equality and have done so for more than six years.

Our foundation and mission remain strong and we will continue to fight for what we know is right: diversity, inclusion and respect for all individuals.

As an organisation, we are reflecting on how we can better support our members and communities around the globe as a natural extension of our focus on gender equality and overall diversity throughout the ETF industry.

For example, we will review how we may improve our organisation and, working with our local chapters, share virtual events focused on this very important discussion.

We also welcome ideas and observations from our members and sponsors as we band together to build a better future.”

The letter comes after senior black professionals in financial services launched the #IAM campaign across social media which asks black people and allies to answer the question "what are you?". The initiative has been led by Gavin Lewis, managing director at BlackRock and co-founder of The Diversity Project.

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