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Shareholder Value Management AG

Shareholder Value Management AG is a manager-owned investment firm based in Frankfurt, Germany

Shareholder Value advises several funds and mandates with a volume of about EUR 1.5 billion in total assets under the liability umbrella of NFS Netfonds Financial Service GmbH i.e.: Frankfurter Aktienfonds für Stiftungen; Frankfurter Stiftungsfonds; Frankfurter Value Focus Fund; PRIMA - Globale Werte. Furthermore, it advises Share Value Stiftung, a non-profit foundation, Shareholder Value Beteiligungen AG, and recently the newly launched ETF, Frankfurter UCITS-ETF - Modern Value.

The company’s investment strategy focuses on investing in undervalued companies that are led by business owners and have structural competitive advantages, which in return help reduce investment risk while maintaining capital opportunities. Shareholder Value manages its mandates with two key objectives in mind: capital preservation and capital growth. Their successful long-term track record is attributed to their highly disciplined and proprietary investment process.

Shareholder Value’s investment philosophy closely follows the four tried-and-trusted principles of value investing, which derive from Benjamin Graham and renowned value investor Warren Buffett:

- margin of safety (pay 60 cents on the dollar);

- business owner (skin in the game);

- economic moats (invest in quality companies);

- Mr. Market (active hedging to reduce volatility and drawdowns).

Shareholder Value puts special emphasis on its Modern Value approach, in which the valuation of a company is set in relation to the expected total return. This approach also allows investing in higher-rated companies if the long-term perspective is promising.