Big Call: ESG Investors forum

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Investing based on environmental, social and governance-based measures has suddenly become mainstream. Everyone from pension and sovereign wealth funds through to mass market retail is asking for funds which either negatively screen out or positively select shares and businesses with a commitment to doing ‘the right thing’ – however that may be defined.

But as this sector has grown almost exponentially, the questions and critiques have started to multiply. How accurate (and useful) are the index screening methodologies? What’s the impact of the selected businesses in real world challenges? Is the whole movement one giant example of virtue signalling by a liberal financial elite?


This half day event is complimentary and exclusively aimed at:

Pension funds / Endowments
Multi-family offices
Private banks
Insurance companies
Private client wealth managers
Portfolio managers and strategists

Participation is subject to approval by ETF Stream.

8:00 Welcome coffees & registration

8:30 ETF Stream welcome remarks

8:35 Opening Keynote

8:55 Defining the E, S and G: Which holds most weight?

Defining environmental, social and governance (ESG) still remains a big issue for market participants. There is a proliferation of different approaches currently available on the market making it a tricky task for investors looking to gain exposure to the factors. This session will explore the definition issues that investors currently face and take a deep dive into how important the E, the S and the G really is when incorporating ESG products in your portfolio.

9:35 Is virtue its own reward? How possible is it to do good and enhance returns?

In recent years, a phenomenon has been developed by asset managers and index providers, who claim you can do good while not giving up any performance. This is especially tricky when products have a negative screening. There are strong arguments on both sides and while the past 10 years have seen ESG ETFs keep up with their parent indices, is this performance simply driven by market forces?

10:15 Networking & coffee break

10:55 ESG indices: How are they constructed and what makes each different?

Battle lines have been drawn by index providers in the ESG space. The area remains relatively new with no one yet to really dominate the space. Index construction remains crucial as this is where the different providers can place their own stamp on the relative importance of each of the factors. This session will take a look how they do this and what more can be done to develop the ever evolving ESG index universe.

11:35 Demand problem: Who is buying ESG funds?

With assets in sustainable investing growing 34% to $30trn in 2018 over the past two years, there is no doubt ESG is on rise, however, which investor groups are actually buying the products? Evidently, pension funds from across Europe, especially throughout Scandinavia, have been leading the charge over the past decade but are there others asset managers should be taking notice of as well?

12:15 Closing keynote presentation – Green Investing: The good, the bad and the ugly

12:40 ETF Stream closing remarks

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