Event: Carbon offset ETFs: The future of ESG?

Carbon offset ETFs: The future of ESG?

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In June, the first ETF to offset its carbon emissions was launched in Europe via Purpose Investments and white-label ETF platform HANetf.

This innovative approach to ESG ETF investing enables sustainably-conscious investors to offset any carbon emissions that are linked to the strategy through climate positive projects across the globe.

This webinar explored how carbon offsetting fits in the context of carbon-neutral portfolios, how the projects that offset these emissions are selected and why this is such as important development in the ESG ETF space.

Speakers include:

Yannick Pape, Associate Consultant, South Pole

Bethan Halls, Senior Business Development Manager, South Pole

Nik Bienkowski, Founder and Co-CEO, HANetf

Scott Klimo, Vice President and CIO, Saturna Capital

Nicholas Mersch, Portfolio Manager, Purpose Investments

Jamie Gordon, Reporter, ETF Stream (Moderator)



Nik Bienkowski
Founder and Co-CEO