Event: Climate ETFs: Taking ESG to the next level

Climate ETFs: Taking ESG to the next level

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Incorporating climate change factors within portfolios is fast becoming the most important asset allocation decision for investors.

With more assets at risk of becoming stranded due to the Paris Agreement and wider favourable ESG regulation, investors are starting to consider how climate can impact individual companies and sectors.

A recent ETF Stream survey conducted with Amundi found 65% of investors are looking to align their portfolios with the Paris Climate Agreement highlighting the increasing demand for climate solutions.

In response, there have been a string of climate ETF launches over the past year that align with the European Union’s two climate benchmarks; the Climate Transition Benchmark (CTB) and the Paris-aligned Benchmark (PAB).

As part of ETF Stream and Amundi’s investigation into the rise of ESG, this webinar will analyse the rising demand for climate ETFs, how they can act as a risk management tool and the underlying indices they offer exposure to.

Matthieu Guignard, global head of product development and capital markets, Amundi ETF, Indexing & Smart Beta

Andrew Limberis, senior investment manager, Omba Advisory & Investments

Adrien Samuel-Lajeunesse, investment fund and ETF specialist, BNP Paribas Wealth Management



Matthieu Guignard
Global Head of Product Development and Capital Markets, ETF, Indexing and Smart Beta