Event: Cryptocurrency explosion: Where next in 2022 and beyond?

Cryptocurrency explosion: Where next in 2022 and beyond?

Live Webinar

First it was bitcoin, now there are a whole host of different digital assets investors can access through the exchange-traded product (ETP) wrapper.

With it becoming increasingly clear cryptocurrencies are here to stay, understanding these different niche coins such as cardano and polkadot will be crucial as allocations increase.

This webinar explored the outlook for cryptocurrencies over the next 12 months, the different coins available to investors in ETP format and how they can fit into a diversified multi-asset portfolio.

Speakers include:

Tom Bailey, Head of Content, HANetf

Charlie Morris, CIO, ByteTree Asset Management

Thomas Uhm, Trader, Jane Street

Rafael Zanatta, Head of Business Development, ETC Group

Tom Eckett, Editor, ETF Stream (Moderator)



Tom Bailey
Head of ETF Research