Event: ESG ETF explosion: Dissecting the rapidly evolving landscape

ESG ETF explosion: Dissecting the rapidly evolving landscape

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The rapid rise of ESG ETFs over the past 12 months has been nothing short of remarkable with ESG ETF inflows outpacing non-ESG assets in 2020.

From a recent ETF Stream survey conducted with Amundi, it is clear investors are turning to the ETF wrapper as a way of allocating sustainably with 70% of respondents planning to increase their allocation to ESG ETFs over the next 12 months.

However, with the numerous ESG ETFs available on the European market ranging from simple exclusion to deep green impact, selecting the most suitable one for a portfolio can be a challenge for any investor.

As part of ETF Stream and Amundi’s investigation into the rise of ESG, this webinar will analyse the different types of ESG ETFs on the market and the key considerations to take into account when selecting these strategies.


Ashley Fagan, global head of ETF, indexing and smart beta strategic clients and UK/Ireland strategy distribution, Amundi

James McManus, CIO, Nutmeg

Jordan Sriharan, head of MPS and passive at Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management



Ashley Fagan
Global Head of ETF, Indexing & Smart Beta Strategic Accounts Coordination and Head of ETF, Indexing & Smart Beta Strategy & Business Development for UK & Ireland