Event: ETF Investigations: Demystifying SFDR and its impact on ETFs

ETF Investigations: Demystifying SFDR and its impact on ETFs

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Investors and the wider asset management industry are still adjusting to the challenges posed by ‘level 2’ of the Sustainable Finance Disclosures Regulation (SFDR) which requires fund providers to report on the sustainable impact of their investments.

The lack of clarity over what constitutes an Article 6, 8 or 9 product has led to a large number of downgrades as ETF issuers race to recategorise their strategies in order to avoid accusations of greenwashing by investors and the regulator.

This webinar explored why SFDR has become such a challenge for the ETF industry, the issues of reporting from a data perspective and what this means for the ESG space in Europe going forward.

Key questions:

• Is SFDR leading to further greenwashing across asset management?

• Should investors use SFDR as a tool to measure the sustainability of an ETF?

• Are there any unintended consequences investors need to be aware of?

ETF Investigations is a new webinar series from ETF Stream which examines the key issues facing ETF investors in Europe.


Hortense Bioy, Global Head of Sustainability Research, Morningstar

Sergey Dolomanov, Partner, William Fry

Manuela Sperandeo, Managing Director, EMEA Head of Sustainable Indexing, BlackRock


Hortense Bioy
Global Director of Sustainability Research