Event: ETF liquidity: Addressing the myths and misnomers

ETF liquidity: Addressing the myths and misnomers

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The extreme market volatility during the coronavirus turmoil in March provided a perfect window into how ETFs behave in periods of heightened stress.

With fixed income ETFs discounts widening to all-time highs during this period, ETF critics were keen to point out the supposed inherent flaws of the wrapper in providing an “illusion of liquidity” to investors that would simply vanish if markets became stretched.

However, what instead was revealed was something quite different with ETFs playing a role in offering real-time pricing to investors even when the underlying market was not trading.

Along with the role of price discovery, this webinar will explore some of the key benefits of ETFs and address some of the myths surrounding the wrapper.

Speakers: Daniel Izzo, CEO of GHCO

Gregoire Blanc, global head of ETF capital markets and liquidity at Amundi

Vincent Denoiseux, head of ETF research at Lyxor

This webinar is sponsored by GHCO.



Gregoire Blanc
Head of ETF Capital Markets and Liquidity