Event: Is the crypto winter over?

Is the crypto winter over?

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This year has been a tough one for most risk assets and cryptocurrencies have not been immune. As the crypto winter descended, the market cap of digital assets fell below $1trn for the first time since April 2021.

However, cryptocurrencies have continued to see new milestones and growing acceptance, especially from institutional investors, while ether – the world’s second cryptocurrency – recently carried out the ‘merge’, one of the most significant events for the market so far.

This webinar broke down the most recent developments taking place within the crypto industry and how these impact exchange-traded products (ETPs) while analysing whether the crypto winter is over.


Tom Bailey, Head of Research, HANetf

Torsten Dueing, Head of ETC Platforms, HANetf

Bradley Duke, Founder and Co-CEO, ETC Group

John Freyermuth, Research Analyst and Strategist, Enigma Securities


Jamie Gordon, Reporter, ETF Stream



Tom Bailey
Head of ETF Research