Event: Outlook for the European ETF market

Outlook for the European ETF market

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The European ETF market continues to boom. In 2021, ETFs broke the yearly flows record with four months to spare after seeing a huge $136bn inflows by the end of August, according to data from Bloomberg Intelligence.

The market remains behind the US in terms of maturity, structure and AUM but is developing rapidly. Next year is set to be a crucial year with the introduction of CSDR and the second stage of SFDR implementation combined with further innovation and growth.

This webinar will assess the outlook for the European ETF market as we head into the New Year. We will cover the key areas to watch such as crypto, ETF lending and trading, and where further development is needed.

Speakers include:

Dan Izzo, CEO, GHCO

Stefan Kaba-Ferreiro, Head of Trading, GHCO



Daniel Izzo