BlackRock’s iShares has won the Elston Top Fifty Best ETF 2019 award for the US Large Cap Equity category, based on its overall efficiency. iShares manages one of the nine UK-listed ETFs that track the S&P 500 index.

For this quantitatively evaluated efficiency award, iShares fund (IUSA) beat analogous funds from (in alphabetical order) Amundi, HSBC, Invesco, Lyxor, SPDR, UBS, Vanguard and Xtrackers. iShares’ IUSA ETF was launched in March 2002 and has a TER of 0.07%.

The Elston Top Fifty is produced by specialist ETF research firm, Elston Consulting, in association with ETF Stream, featuring ETFs listed on the London Stock Exchange.

It looks at 130 index exposures across 4 major asset classes and screens the most efficient ETF for each exposure using data from Trackinsight.

The Elston Top Fifty is designed to support, but not replace, the ETF research and evaluation process by decision-makers.

Where there are multiple ETFs for a given exposure, the most efficient ETF wins an award to recognise the hard work put in by that provider in delivering a robust and efficient fund.

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The Elston Top Fifty is proprietary to Elston Consulting and is produced in association with ETF Stream using Trackinsight data.