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Charlie Robertson

Charlie is an emerging markets specialist, covering global economic themes including democratisation to demographics, education to ESG, fertility, as well as shorter-term indicators like exchange rates and growth. He is the lead author of The Fastest Billion: The Story Behind Africa’s Economic Revolution (www.fastestbillion.com), and is often found on twitter @RenCapMan.

Charlie was voted the #1 Frontier analyst in the either or both of the II/Extel surveys from 2016-20.  He was the number-one economics and macro analyst for emerging Europe, the Middle East and Africa in the Extel survey from 2007-10.

In 2021, Charlie was the first non-African to receive the African Icon award from African Banker as his work has helped change perceptions about Africa and position the continent as a serious investment destination. Much of this will be written up The Time Travelling Economist, to be published in 2022.