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Dan Kemp

Dan Kemp is Morningstar Investment Management’s Global Chief Investment Officer. Dan oversees Morningstar’s investment management activities, working closely with advisers and institutions to deliver world-class solutions to investors.Kemp joined Morningstar in 2014 and most recently served as Chief Investment Officer for the EMEA region. Prior to joining Morningstar, he led Albemarle Street Partners, an investment consultancy partnership that he co-founded. Before to Albemarle, Dan was a partner at Saltus Partners, managing the firm’s flagship Saltus Multi Asset Class Fund. Dan started his career as an independent financial adviser specialising in providing ESG solutions to clientsDan has 25 years’ experience in research, investment management and investment consulting. He has managed a wide variety of portfolios, specialising in multi-asset risk graded products. He is also a well-known commentator on investment issues.