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Elsa Pau

Elsa is CEO of WealthAsia Group and the founder of the FinTech portal, BlueOnion. Her latest venture is to promote responsible investing and clarity by exposing asset managers' qualitative and sustainability performances. She is an advocate for investor protection and drives compelling propositions that benefit real change for the finance community. Elsa is a finance industry veteran who focuses on sustainable, responsible, and impact investing and currently serves as an investment governor for a few family offices in Asia. She is the creator and curator of the Sustainable Family Office Forum, the Sustainable Wealth Exchange, Blue Onion, the Women Extraordinaire Forum, and a series of Wealth and Asset Management Quality Study and Awards Program operated under the BENCHMARK brand. WealthAsia lives by the motto: Live a life you love with prudent investing, responsible spending and impactful giving. Elsa was once named as one of Asia’s Most Influential Women by AsiaWeek.