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Hiten Savani

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Hiten Savani has been working in the investment management world since 2003 and has been closely associated with Fidelity’s range of research-driven equity strategies since 2010 when he joined the company. In his role as Investment Director, Hiten was involved with the FIRST strategy’s evolution, including the development of the FIRST global strategies, which were launched in 2013. He was also involved in institutional product strategy and development. He became Co-Portfolio Manager in 2013. Previously Hiten was a member of the Portfolio Strategy group at Goldman Sachs where he carried out research and authored papers on a broad range of subjects from views on sector and thematic investing to risk appetite and style rotation within European equities. During his five years at Goldman Sachs, he developed strong quantitative analysis skills, a deep working knowledge of bottom-up fundamental research and a keen sense of how to appraise conviction among his stock analyst colleagues. Hiten has also worked in Africa with the United Nations and the World Bank, as well as other organizations on matters of Financial Sector Development. He has a Master of Physics degree and an MSc degree in Financial Economics.