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Jason Conan-Davies

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Jason is head of trading at Nutmeg. With responsibility and oversight of Nutmeg's daily trading and operational functions, his role sees him managing the ETF trading processes for all of Nutmeg's UK retail investors. Jason joined Nutmeg in 2017, subsequently contributing to a period of exponential growth of the company by bringing a wealth of experience in Exchange Traded Funds, Operations and Trading from previous roles. Jason has 16 years' experience in the banking industry, working for companies such as Lehman Brothers, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank and Macquarie Bank. He holds a degree in International Business Studies. Nutmeg is the UK’s largest digital wealth manager, offering clarity and transparency to both seasoned and first-time investors as they seek to achieve their financial goals. Launched in September 2012, Nutmeg now manages over £4.5bn exclusively invested in ETFs on behalf of over 200,000 clients who have sought the powerful combination of an easy-to-use, adaptable investment service and award-winning client services, and financial guidance, planning and restricted advice. Nutmeg is a J.P. Morgan company offering investments and digital wealth management services to consumers, complementing Chase’s digital bank in the UK.


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