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Jean-Paul Jaegers

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Head of Asset Allocation

Jean-Paul Jaegers joined Barclays in 2018, initially as investment director and soon became Head of Investment Strategy, and in July 2019 became Head of Asset Allocation for Barclays UK. Jean-Paul joined from Prudential PMG, where we was senior investment strategist for the multi asset  ‘with profit’ funds. Prior to that, Jean-Paul was deputy head of research and senior portfolio manager for multi asset solutions at BNP Paribas Asset Management. Now, Head of Asset Allocation for Barclays Investment Solutions, Barclays UK, Jean-Paul leads the team focused on the core investment offering covering Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA), Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA), and multi asset research. Jean-Paul has close to 15 years of experience in the financial sector.  He has a Masters in Finance from Maastricht University, is CFA charter holder and CQF qualified. Jean-Paul is a frequent contributor of economic and capital market’s insight to Bloomberg, CNBC and various other media outlets.