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Laurent Kssis

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Laurent is a crypto ETP expert and has listed most innovative single and basket crypto related vehicles on stock exchanges in the last 7 years in Europe. 

He runs a successful consultancy firm, CEC Capital in London focusing on crypto ETP franchises since 2013, helping issuers to prudently admit their ETPs on European stock exchanges. Furthermore, he is working with Swiss based SPV, Apex white label issuance program helping portfolio managers to list their strategies on European exchanges. 

He recently helped Virtune, a Swedish asset manager to successfully list 4 innovative crypto ETPs on Nasdaq Stockholm in less than 7 months in 2023.

He joined Hashdex, the largest crypto issuer in Brazil in January 2022 as managing director and head of Europe to lead its expansion into the continent with the launch of the Nasdaq Crypto Index Europe ETP on the Swiss and European Stock exchanges for 9 months.

Previously, he was managing director of Swiss based crypto issuer 21Shares, where joined in the summer of 2019 after 4 years with Swedish based issuer XBT Provider AB, a Coinshares company where he was CEO and listed some of the first crypto ETPs.

He has admitted over 30 crypto ETPs on 6 European regulated exchanges. He spearheaded the growth into Europe for many Fintech companies, created capital markets departments and engineered innovative strategies for issuers keen to join this industry. 

He has over 20 years’ worth of experience in ETF distribution, Delta 1 trading, ETF market making, ETF brokerage set ups and Capital markets.