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Welcome to ETF Insider, the first monthly ETF magazine dedicated to professional investors across Europe.

We believe this publication will become a crucial source of information for decision-makers in the investment community that is looking to decipher the world of exchange-traded funds.

ETF Insider provides an in-depth analysis of the most important areas of the ETF market including fixed income, thematics and liquidity, packaged into an easily digestible monthly issue that can be consumed either in print or digitally.

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Past Issues




Back in November, ETF Stream hosted its second annual industry awards, and what an event it was! There were 20 awards up for grabs, and with a record number of nominations last year, competition was fierce. 

With the excitement of awards season over, we've taken a moment to reflect upon ETF Stream Awards 2022 in our brand-new Winners' Guide

Complete with exclusive images from the night, more on our judging panel and a reminder of last year's winners and shortlist, we hope this guide gives you an insight into the achievements of the European ETF industry in 2022. 

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ETF Stream's special reports pull together expert analysis on a growing part of the ETF landscape including ESG, fixed income and thematics. 

Actives Unlocked: The ETF advantage

This report, in partnership with J.P. Morgan Asset Management, provides investors with further concrete understanding about the rapidly developing active ETFs space in Europe as well as further insights into how buyers are positioning their portfolios for the year ahead.

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Past Reports

ESG Unlocked: Europe out in front

ESG remains the biggest trend in asset management which is why it is crucial for investors to stay up to date with the current ESG ETF landscape in Europe. This report provides insights on all things ESG from SFDR to the role of ETFs in the transition to net-zero.

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Crypto Unlocked: In the bleak midwinter

This report provides investors with further concrete insights into the different trends taking place within cryptocurrency ETPs. From ethereum’s merger and what it means for ETPs to the different sectors in the digital asset space, understanding the crypto ETP market is becoming more important to investors and the wider ETF industry.

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Thematics Unlocked: Signs of a maturing ETF market

This report aims to provide investors with further understanding of the different trends taking place within the thematic ETF universe. From specific megatrends such as cybersecurity to ETF liquidity and the role of the digital economy, it is crucial investors understand how to unleash the potential thematic ETFs offer.

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ETF Scan: The Big Picture

ETF Stream and Amundi's ETF Scan: The Big Picture gives an insight into the findings of a study on 105 ETF investors in Europe. The investigation lifts the lid on how exactly investors are preparing their portfolios for the next 12 months.

Furthermore, the report explores what investors see as the key asset allocation decisions and how they see markets developing. Keep an eye out for Amundi’s outlook for the year and why climate and thematic ETFs continue to grow in popularity with investors in Europe.

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ETF Scan: Investigating the Rise of ESG

This report surveyed 171 professional European investors to understand their key demands and what is driving their allocation to ESG. It provides investors with original and thought-provoking insight into the ESG ETF landscape in Europe. 

Special Reports