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George Geddes

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In 2018, Canada's ETF market was still growing, but at a

smaller rate than previous years

. On the other hand,

China is expected to be the 'game changer'

in the ETF industry in the next five years. As a country's ETF market grows, the US is the most commonly used benchmark to compare the acceleration of the market's growth.

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is one of the most iconic exchanges in the world, with the US being the largest ETF market in the world. By the end of 2018, there was 2,224 ETFs listed on the NYSE. In comparison, the London Stock Exchange (LSE) had just over half with 1,160 listed.

The LSE saw over 4,000,000 trades, producing a turnover of nearly £230bn for 2018. The average daily value of US ETF transactions was US$102bn, according to the NYSE. The difference in values shows how much more the US investors incorporate ETFs in to their portfolios.

The NYSE accounts for a fifth of the market share of exchange volume for all US ETFs. This is ahead of Nasdaq (15.1 per cent) and CBOE BZX (8.8 per cent). Additionally the NYSE has $2.71tn in Assets under management of US ETFs.

Douglas Yones, Head of ETP at NYSE, said in the 2018 report: "Last year we were delighted to welcome 16 new ETF issuers, and NYSE Arca closed out the year with $2.7tn in AUM. In addition, the NYSE ETF Team helped to grow the U.S. marketplace, bringing 179 new ETFs to market. Overall, it was another fantastic year and we are proud to maintain our position as the #1 exchange for ETF liquidity worldwide."


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