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BlackRock launches range to rival Vanguard’s LifeStrategy funds

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The world’s largest asset manager BlackRock is taking on rival Vanguard’s £13.2bn LifeStrategy offering with the launch of a four-strong multi-asset range.

The ‘MyMap’ suite will invest entirely in iShares index funds and will cost investors 0.17%, five basis points cheaper than Vanguard’s LifeStrategy range.

The portfolios will be actively managed by the firm’s multi-asset team and rebalanced quarterly in order to meet the changing investment environment.

Sterling-denominated, the portfolios invest in a mixture of equities, fixed income, gold and real estate.

The most defensive strategy currently holds 64% bonds, 34% equities and 2% alternatives while the most adventurous has 18% in bonds and 82% in equities.

Pollyanna Harper (pictured), head of iShares UK intermediary sales at BlackRock, commented: “With increasing emphasis on individuals to take control of their finances themselves, it’s vital they have access to simple, accessible products which allow them to feel more in control.

“The MyMap range offers investors a solution that allows them to focus on their future – ‘where’ they want to get to – with the confidence that our expertise will take care of ‘how’ they get there.”

BlackRock's MyMap range

MyMap3MyMap4MyMap5MyMap6Volatility Bands3-6%6-9%8-11%10-15%Bonds64%46%33%18%Stocks34%52%67%82%Alternative2%2%0%0%

Source: BlackRock

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