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Woodseer Global and Ultumus partner for ETF Dividend Forecast product launch

George Geddes

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Dividend forecast data specialist Woodseer Global and ETF data service provider ULTUMUS have launched their joint ETF Dividend Forecast product.

The likes of investment banks, asset managers and fund service sectors are often limited in the number of sources for ETF dividend forecast data. Current services available either offer limited coverage or vary in accuracy.

Combining both ULTUMUS and Woodseers’ specialities of ETF data and dividend forecasting, the new service will enable investors to forecast the dividend feed for the relevant underlying securities.

The ETF Dividend Forecasting service is available to both Woodseer and ULTUMUS clients via API, FTP or UI.

Bernie Thurston, CEO at ULTUMUS, said in a statement: “We are pleased to be partnering with Woodseer to provide our clients with an alternative source of ETF dividend forecast data.

“Having personal experience of building dividend forecast data services previously, working with Woodseer allows us to provide our clients with a reliable and comprehensive ETF dividend data source which is fully integrated into our service offering.”

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