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Blackwater launches financial education platform Moolah

Comes as firm says European retail market is ‘unserved’

Lauren Gibbons


ETF consultancy firm Blackwater has launched a financial education platform providing information on ETFs, aiming to increase financial literacy among retail investors.

The education platform uses multiple channels, including social media, courses, books, guides, interviews and live sessions.

The platform also includes investment calculators and comparison charts.

Blackwater added it has worked with issuers, stock exchanges, online trading platforms and universities to create the platform.

Despite the European retail market continuing to demonstrate signs it is gathering pace, Blackwater cites the edge that the US has over Europe in terms of educating retail investors, with 25 US states enforcing state-mandated personal finance courses.

A YouGov survey of 14 European countries, commissioned by Blackrock, identified first-time investors as the main source of growth in the European ETF market.

The European ETF market is forecast to grow 15% annually over the next five years, reaching $4.5trn by 2030, according to EY research.

The European ETF market recently hit the $2trn milestone, doubling since January 2020.

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