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Capturing the artificial intelligence boom through ETPs

Stefan and Karin Wiederkehr

Artificial intelligence (AI) has undergone significant changes in recent years. This technology has experienced remarkable advancements and is now being used commercially, whether we are fully conscious of it or not.

AI is being applied across various industries so it is not surprising that the investment community has recognised its potential not only for application but also as a means to generate returns.

This thematic trend is often likened to other technological revolutions such as the widespread availability of electricity after World War I or the public adoption of computers and the internet in the 1990s and 2000s. In broader terms, the technology sector is known for its consistent expansion, development and continuous innovation...

Karin Wiederkehr (pictured left) and Stefan Wiederkehr (pictured right) are co-founders of IMP AG, a discretionary asset manager based in Liechtenstein

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