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David Tuckwell

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Bulgarian issuer brings in East Europe

German investors wanting access to East European indexes now have it slightly easier thanks to a raft of cross-listings from Expat Asset Management, a Bulgarian ETF issuer. (The first and only Bulgarian issuer we have encountered). The products being cross-listed on Xetra offer direct access to indexes like PX, the major Czech index, BET-BK, the Romanian index, MBI10, the Macedonian index, and plenty of others. They are:


  • Expat Romania BET-BK UCITS ETF ROX

  • Expat Macedonia MBI10 UCITS ETF MKK1

  • Expat Hungary BUX UCITS ETF HUBE

  • Expat Slovenia SBI TOP UCITS ETF SLQX

  • Expat Slovakia SAX UCITS ETF SK9A

  • Expat Serbia BELEX15 UCITS ETF ESNB

  • Expat Greece ASE UCITS ETF GRX

  • Expat Czech PX UCITS ETF CZX

  • Expat Poland WIG20 UCITS ETF PLX

East European companies may sound like duds but some of these indexes have performed remarkably the past couple of years. The MBI10, the Macedonian index, for example, has delivered a 33% 1-year return. Hungarian stocks have also been rocketing under the Viktor Orban government. We're seeing something similar in the Czech Republic and Poland, both of which have had right-wing nationalist populist governments drive up local stocks in recent years.

Others have been less fortunate. Greek stocks, for instance, has been stuck in a bit of a slump since the neo-Marxist Syriza were elected in January 2015.

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