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Lyxor launches Paris-Aligned ETF range

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Lyxor has launched a Paris-Aligned ETF range comprised of four products.

The Lyxor S&P Eurozone Paris-Aligned Climate (EU PAB) UCITS ETF (EPAB) is listed on Euronext with a total expense ratio of 0.2%.

The Lyxor S&P 500 Paris-Aligned Climate (EU PAB) UCITS ETF and the Lyxor S&P Global Developed Paris-Aligned Climate (EU PAB) UCITS ETF will list on the London Stock Exchange and Xetra in July and September, respectively.

The Lyxor S&P Europe Paris-Aligned Climate (EU PAB) UCITS ETF will be listed on Xetra in September.

Offering exposure to eurozone, US, global and European equities, the range of ETFs are the first in the world to integrate the greenhouse gas emissions of the entire value chain of any given company.

The purpose of the range is to meet and exceed the European Union’s Paris-Aligned benchmarks’ minimum requirements and will be adjusted to comply with the final characteristics set out in the EU delegated acts later this year.

Lyxor appoints Germany and Austria ETF head

Tracking the S&P Paris-Aligned Climate indices, the range of ETFs exclude companies active in the fields of coal, and above certain thresholds of oil, natural gas and carbon intensive electricity production.

Additionally, other companies that are involved in controversial weapons, tobacco or violating societal norms are also excluded.

S&P Dow Jones Indices incorporates data specialist Trucost’s Transitional Pathway model which forecasts the issuers’ future greenhouse gas emissions which is the firm’s bid to follow a decarbonisation trajectory.

Arnaud Llinas (pictured), head of Lyxor ETF and indexing, commented: “EU climate benchmarks are just one of the ways Europe is taking the lead on climate.

“We believe in the power of indices and ETFs to build on data and shift capital at scale towards a climate neutral economy.

“With this latest enhancement to our climate ETF ecosystem, we are helping investors take their decarbonisation ambitions to the next level as well as adopting an even greener approach through fossil fuel exclusions”.

Lyxor has developed its environmental, social and governance (ESG) ETF offering in recent months with the launch of its thematic ESG ETF suite and DAX ESG ETF in April.

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