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MSCI expands climate solutions with climate change indexes launch

George Geddes

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Leading index provider MSCI has expanded its climate solutions with the launch of its climate indexes. The climate indexes enable investors to navigate and measure investment opportunities as well as the risk that comes with them as we transition to a low carbon economy.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) has become an important theme as investors increasingly incorporate it into their portfolios. MSCI’s newly launched indices re-weight securities based on their MSCI’s Low Carbon transition score. This takes into consideration the company’s carbon emission, fossil fuel reserves and incorporation of ‘clean technology’.

Remy Briand, Head of ESG at MSCI, said in a statement: “It is critical that the investment industry collaborates to enable the transition to a low carbon economy, before climate change becomes a defining issue for financial stability.

“While there are transition risks associated with taking early action, there is a growing body of evidence to show that earlier action will ultimately mean a less costly adjustment.”

French utility company EDF has already adopted MSCI Climate Change Indexes as part of its €28.1billion dedicated assets fund for secure financing of long-term nuclear commitments.

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