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New fixed income ETF in India from BlackRock

David Tuckwell

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Indian short-term debt ETF from BlackRock

BlackRock's Indian arm DSP BlackRock is listing an ETF version of one of its mutual funds on India's two major exchanges.

The DSP BlackRock Liquid ETF (DLIQETF) will invest more than 95% of its assets in repos, reverse repos and overnight money instruments. Crucially, it will also invest in collateralised borrowing and lending obligations. CBLOs are tightly regulated money market products that give big mutual funds and insurance groups quick access to cash in a totally collateralised environment.

Indian ETFs - a primer

The only time Aussies and Englishmen tend to tune into what Indians are investing in is during the Indian Premier League cricket auction. But ETFs in India are starting to show green shoots. At present a bit more than US$8bn is stored in ETFs in India - mostly thanks to two government-backed funds: the Bharat 22 ETF and the CPSE ETF.

Both the Bharat and CSPE nave the unusual distinction of offering exposure to Indian state assets. Late last year, the Indian government chose to use the Bharat 22 ETF as a mechanism for privatisation at fire-sale prices.


Dongbu AM lists covered call ETF

Dongbu Asset Management is listing a new covered call ETF in Seoul, the DB Mighty KOSPI200 Covered Call ATM Leverage (292340)

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